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How we work.

Material of the part is being selected depending on what the part will be used for and according to a wish of our customers. We can produce items made of grey iron, spheroidal iron, hard iron, stainless cast steel, construction cast steel, aluminium and bronze.

In case a sample part is hardly worn out, all important dimensions are being discussed with our customer to avoid any problems when the part is being assembled. The most common parts we manufacture are pump impellers, pump casings, stuffing box covers, pump covers, shafts and rotors. We sell are ready for assembly or eventually pre-machined on requested dimensions and prepared for finishing.

We are specialized in pump impellers. We have several hundred different types of pump impellers successfully implemented into production. Our experience guarantees that parts produced by us will fulfil your expectations. Shape of hydraulics of the impeller is reproduced based on the sample part. We can modify it on your request to change or improve pump performance and it's life time.

We manufacture open and semi open impellers, channel impellers, single channel impellers in different material versions. Impellers are balanced and ready for assembly.