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About us.

MOD-GUSS is specialized in producing and reproducing different kind of pump and machine parts. Parts are being produced based on castings and welded constructions. So far we have successfully implemented more than five hundred different parts into production.

We are producing parts suitable for pumps of polish and international pump manufacturers like Wafapomp, KSB, Sultzer, Grundfos Sarlin, Egger, ITT FLYGT, BMA, ABS, STRATE, PUMPEX, HERBORNER PUMPEN, Wilo EMU. Items are mostly being made based on cast parts, according to received sample part. We manufacture mostly short batches as well as single items.

Your cooperation with us will bring you cost savings in terms of replacements parts, with a good quality products being secured. The biggest polish companies from chemical industry, energy industry, repair industry and sewage industry have put their trust in us. We export our parts to EU countries.

We would be happy to start our cooperation with you as well.